Donald McIntyre

Born in 1923 in Yorkshire but brought up in north west Scotland, Donald Mclntyre studied at the Glasgow School of Art under James Wright At Garelochhead.

He has exhibited at the London Galleries, Royal Cambrian Academy, Galleries Racines Brusssells, Fosse Gallery and Thackery Gallery. His subjects include Scottish and English landscapes in a strong post-impressionist style which shows the influence of 20th century Scottish artists from Cadell through to Redpath and Phihpson and Michie.

His paintings are in the collections of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, Wiliamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead, Newport Art Gallery, Merthyr Tydfil Art Gallery, Welsh Arts Council, National Library of Wales, Welsh Contemporary Art Society, Anglesey and Caernarvonshire Education Authorities, University of Wales, Department of the Environment, London, British Steel Co., U.S.A. Embassy, London And London University.

Donald McIntyre

Title: Still Life

Artist: Donald McIntyre

Dimensions:  12" x 16"

Type: Acrylic on Board

Price Code: D





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