Alan Glasby

Although interested in wildlife and art from an early age, it was not until 1988 that Alan decided to ‘have a go’ at carving and sculpture. With no formal artistic carving or sculptural training he developed his own carving style and methods, each piece displays its own unique presence and character. Alan’s final works are produced and patinated by Andrew as limited edition bronze.

Commissions include a life sized Goshawk that was presented to the Oman School of Aircraft control by HRH Prince Andrew, a half size Golden Eagle for the Royal Auxiliary Air Force for presentation to Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II to mark 50 years as Air Commodore-in-Chief, a snipe for the RSPB for annual presentation as an award for Wetlands Conservation and a Sandpiper for the Scottish charity ‘The Sandpiper Trust’.

None currently in stock.

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