Edward Pritchett

Edward Pritchett was a painter of Venetian scenes. He worked in both oils and watercolours and nearly all his pictures were of Venice, but he did paint occasional English views.

Pritchett is now considered to be one of our finest painters of Venice of the Victorian era. His artistic imagination was inspired by the atmosphere and daily life of the city. His works are painted in a lively, fresh, often almost impressionistic manner and few artists have better captured the changing light effects and vivacity of the Venetian scene.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1828 and 1849, the British Institution and the Royal Society of British Artists.

Pritchett's paintings are represented in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Manchester Museum and Art Gallery and the National Gallery Dublin

Edward Pritchett

Title: A Venetian Square

Artist: Edward Pritchett

Dimensions: 20" x 24"

Type: Oil on Canvas

Price Code: SOLD





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