Investing in Fine Art

Should I Invest in Fine Art?

When shopping for fine art, our customers often ask us ‘What is the best investment piece?’

Honestly, we don’t always have a straight-up answer because we encourage our customers to buy artwork that they love. At Baron Fine Art, we believe a piece of art should bring you joy, and not just invest in ‘the next big thing’.

Like any other market, investing in art can be risky. Especially without much research! A lot can depend on the artist’s reputation and on the economy.

What kind of art should I invest in?

Original artwork is the most expensive, but as they are one-of-a-kind, this means that they are worth more.

Prints are more affordable, but are less likely to be worth as much and therefore may not turn a profit. However, rarer or limited edition prints will have more value.

Reproductions are mass-produced copies and there will be many of them floating around on the market. They’re the most affordable but they won’t be worth much and you will less likely make any profit from them.

Why buy from Baron Fine Art?

At Baron Fine Art, we only stock in high-quality pieces that we know will hold value. With over 40 years of experience in the art trade, we believe the best investment is in your own enjoyment of the artwork. So we say – buy what you love! Rather than what may or may not bring you a profit. If you ever come to sell the piece and are able get your money back or even a profit, then this should be considered a bonus rather than an expectation.

The artwork we sell is specially handpicked from sources all around the world, and we present the pieces in a manner that will protect and enhance the work for many years to come.
A lot of our artwork is from the 19th and early 20th century, which means they are in much need of care when they come to us. We have specialists who clean them to a very high standard, making sure to preserve all of the original details. We then frame them with high-quality glass and frames to suit, which are made on-site by our skilled framing staff.

Preserving old artwork is our passion, and we strive to represent them ready to hang and enjoy.

If you have seen something in our gallery or on our website that interests you, we can give you more information and give our honest opinion.